Monday, December 20, 2010

Get To Know Your Fighters - Christian Feliciano

For your edification we present to you "Get To Know Your Fighters" where you . . . get to know the fighters . . . from DUEL OF AGES.  Because, as we all know, knowledge is power.  As is the ability to kick ass.

Christian Feliciano
Roles in DUEL OF AGES:  Gentleman (La Maupin), Crazy Ninja Death Squad (One)

How long have you been fighting.  Uh . . . the fake kind of fighting?
I've been fighting for about 7 years now.

What got you interested in Stage Combat?
My interest was sparked as soon as I had my first Stage Combat class in Theatre School. Being at the top of the class
(for once) for the Stage Combat unit, helped.

Tell us about a memorable fight moment you've had.

The most memorable fight for me is the first time we did La Maupin in 2007. During one of the shows our music cut out completely. For anyone who saw the show the first time around, you know that the music is uber important to both the timing of the fight AND dance, and the overall badassness of the scene. So having the music cut out pretty much at the beginning of the fight wasn't a fun surprise. And those of you who know me, you know I like surprises. Luckily I was in the presence of TRUE professionals. We took it in stride and STILL timed out perfectly. It was the most exciting and terrifying fight I've ever been a part of. That said, I don't actually wish to go through that again. 

Favourite weapon (and why):
Small Sword has to be my favorite weapon. I say that because it demands precision while fighting at break neck speeds. And who doesn't like precision and broken necks? I do!

Favourite Fight film/play:
It's hard to answer this one because there are so many good films and plays with amazing action. If forced to answer, (he says while Casey points a gun at his head) I'd probably have to say Pirates of the Caribbean. So much swash buckling and rum! :)

Favourite famous fighter:
They aren't actor combatants, but GSP (George St. Pierre) and Manny "Pacman" Paquiao are my favorite fighters. Is Will Smith's kid considered an actor now that he's done Karate Kid? If so, then Jackie Chan is my favorite.

Role you wish you could have played:
All roles that I haven't played yet are the roles I wish I could play. Deep.

Favourite drink that audience members should buy you after witnessing your awesome in Duel of Ages:
Spiced Rum and Tonic. Shut up, it's an amazing drink!

Anything else you'd like to plug:
Sometimes I like to plug my lamps into the wall. 

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