Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sign up for the Basic Stage Combat Workshop!

So you've read about some of our fighters (and there are many more to come, fear you not), seen the awesome trailer for the show and what these fighters can do.  Maybe, just maybe, you're now looking to do a little stage combat yourself?

Well fear not, my friends!  Your salvation is at hand:

It's time to sign up for Rapier Wit's Basic Stage Combat Workshop! (echo echo echo)

Yes, these glorious fighters weren't born that way, it took years of training and dedication.  So why not take the first step, and chose a career enhancing, body building, soul enriching workshop at Rapier Wit, Canada’s oldest stage combat school?  Our classes will help you become the dynamic actor you have always wanted to be.  Join a Rapier Wit class and start improving your physical acting technique immediately in a safe, supportive and fun environment!

Like with any skill you work your way through Basic, Intermediate and Advanced classes - learning to use a wide variety of weapons and fight techniques from around the world.

In Basic you are introduced to Single Sword, Quarterstaff, and of course the totally kick ass Un-armed.  You also learn how to look totally awesome doing it, and totally punched in the face.  Oh yes, there's a special technique for looking totally punched in the face.  After all, stage combat isn't just about learning how to kick ass, it's also learning how to look like your ass has been kicked :) .

And now here is your opportunity to try for your certification as a Basic Actor Combatant with Fight Directors Canada.

*Fight Directors Canada’s Certification Classes

Basic includes Single Sword, Quarter Staff and Unarmed

Tuesday and Thursday nights 6-10pm
January 18 – March 31
Exam on Sunday April 3

·       $1067.85 (includes HST) for members of FDC, Equity, Actra, and Rapier Wit
·       $1695 for non members

Certification includes exam training days, all paperwork, and adjudication fees.

A $100 non-refundable deposit is needed to hold a space. 
Payments may be made in instalments $100 per week.

All fees must be paid final class

*Dates and prices subject to change.
Class minimum is six and a maximum of ten students

Please e-mail or call for more information about FDC certification or course material.

For more information, or to book classes, please call Daniel Levinson at (416) 534-1947, or e-mail

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