Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Get To Know Your Fighters - Tammy Everett

For your edification we present to you "Get To Know Your Fighters" where you . . . get to know the fighters . . . from DUEL OF AGES.  Because, as we all know, knowledge is power.  As is the ability to kick ass.

Tammy Everett
Roles in DUEL OF AGES -  The Poor (Le Duel Des Mignons), Dancer (La Maupin), Crazy Ninja Death Squad (One)

How long have you been fighting.  Uh . . . the fake kind of fighting?
Almost 6 years

What got you interested in Stage Combat?
I took a class in my first term at Randolph (theatre school in Toronto) and felt really comfortable with the movement vocabulary, and so wanted to explore it further.

Tell us about a memorable fight moment you've had.
I remember one time, during my advanced certification, a weapon in my martial arts fight rolled right out into where I had to flip my scene partner. There was an audible intake of air, as everyone watching realized what happened and was sure this would either ruin the flow of the fight, or I'd role him anyway and fail, but I avoided his knife slash, ducked under his arm, and dipped and scooped the weapon out of his way before flipping him all in one smooth motion. The whole class let out shocked and impressed exclamations. It's one of my favourite moments because that's when I realized I really was an advanced actor combatant.

Favourite weapon (and why):
Broadsword because holding that powerful but fast weapon and going up against a guy twice my size is the awesomest feeling in the world.

Favourite Fight film/play:
Other people's? That would have to be Equilibrium.

Favourite famous fighter:
I think Jackie Chan is my favourite because, not only is he an extraordinary fighter, but his sense of discovery in fights makes him, to me, the fight equivalent of Fred Astaire.

Role you wish you could have played:
I'm not sure, but if they ever put Huntress in a Batman movie and I don't get to play her I may cry.

Favourite drink that audience members should buy you after witnessing your awesome in Duel of Ages:
uhhhh... I don't drink.

Anything else you'd like to plug:
ummm... I just started a new charitable theatre company and our first season is in 2011...people can check out more info at www.sonusstageproductions.ca

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