Saturday, January 1, 2011

Get To Know Your Fighters - Matt Richardson

For your edification we present to you "Get To Know Your Fighters" where you . . . get to know the fighters . . . from DUEL OF AGES. Because, as we all know, knowledge is power. As is the ability to kick ass.

Matt Richardson
Fight Choreographer for: Le Duel Des Mignons, The Last Duel of Rob Roy
Roles in DUEL OF AGES: Schomberg (
Le Duel Des Mignons), MacGregor (The Last Duel Of Rob Roy), Healey (The Pistoleers), Crazy Ninja Death Squad (One)

How long have you been fighting: Uh . . . the fake kind of fighting? 
20 years

What got you interested in Stage Combat?: 
Reading a lot of Tolkien, Michael Moorcock and Robert E. Howard as a teen ... and being a D & D player since I was ten.

Tell us about a memorable fight moment you've had: 
My fight partner from the first professional fight I choreographed forgot his choreography, and threw a random cut towards my head. I parried, grabbed his arm, pulled him in close and told him what the move was supposed to be. We started again and it went fine. No one on stage or in the audience noticed any difference!

Favourite weapon (and why): 
Longbow. Oh wait ... melee weapon ... The Laird of all Weapons, Scottish Backsword. I feel connected to it through my heritage. However, Spanish sidesword, tomahawk and bowie knife, and longsword are close contenders. Each of these weapons represents a unique, interesting and dramatic style of fighting that differs from the standard tropes of stage combat. And I've also had the pleasure of studying each of these style as a martial art.

Favourite Fight film/play: 
Conan the Barbarian (the first one, NOT the sequel!!!)

Favourite famous fighter:
Charles Bronson. (Check out Hard Times and you'll see why)

Role you wish you could have played: 
Solomon Kane

Favourite drink that audience members should buy you after witnessing your awesome in Duel of Ages: 
Alba, the Scottish Pine Ale. Available in the "Historic Ales of Scotland" 4-pack at the LCBO.

Anything else you'd like to plug: 
My awesome wife, Siobhan Richardson [web admin's note: she's another awesome fighter in DUEL OF AGES you will get to know soon].

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