Friday, January 14, 2011

Get To Know Your Fighters - Siobhan Richardson

For your edification we present to you "Get To Know Your Fighters" where you . . . get to know the fighters . . . from DUEL OF AGES. Because, as we all know, knowledge is power. As is the ability to kick ass.

Siobhan Richardson
Roles in DUEL OF AGES: The Poor (Le Duel Des Mignons), Innkeeper (The Last Duel of Rob Roy), The One (One)

How long have you been fighting. Uh . . . the fake kind of fighting?
10 years

What got you interested in Stage Combat?:
MaƮtre D'Armes J.P. Fournier came to my college and taught a week of stage combat. I was hooked from the first moment.

Tell us about a memorable fight moment you've had:
In 30˚C with no breeze, performing 15 fights in an hour and fifteen minutes (part of the Humber River Shakespeare Company's Sonnet Show). That's a 2-minute fight, every 5 minutes. I really saw how valuable foundations are: when you're sweaty and exhausted, the strength of your core principles and technique shine through.

Favourite weapon (and why):
I honestly love them all, but Longsword comes out ahead. It feels right. I can really dance with that weapon, using my whole body, more than any other. It's so elegant, fluid, subtle and has extraordinary variety in its use.

Favourite Fight film/play:
I honestly don't think it's happened yet, but the blade work and shooting in Prince Caspian is really good. And really like Jovanni Sy's play, The Five Vengeances. Secret: I'm part of a play workshop right now that might turn out to be my favourite script...

Favourite famous fighter:
SUCH A HARD QUESTION! There's a lot of good people, and I like different people for different reasons. I think Michelle Yeoh is someone to aspire to, as an actor and a fighter. I must also mention Brandon Lee, because I think we lost something wonderful when he died.

Role you wish you could have played:
When they make a live-action Moribito, it had better be me! But for one that's already happened, "Xena". Seriously, a new fight every week (and musical episodes)? That's pretty cool.

Favourite drink that audience members should buy you after witnessing your awesome in Duel of Ages:
Wind and Sail Ale from Barley Days Brewery of Prince Edward County. A real treat, though, would be Black Amber Ale from Big Rock in Alberta.

Anything else you'd like to plug:.
I've received a grant from the Ontario Arts Council's Chalmers Fellowship Award which is allowing me to further study acting and stage combat in Sweden, England, and Washington D.C. Keep an eye on my blog to see where I am and what I'm doing.

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