Sunday, January 9, 2011

FOUR STARS - "True Edge Productions throws down the gauntlet… and wins!"

Excerpt from's 4 star review of DUEL OF AGES:

"From European gentlemen, to Samurai warriors, gunslingers in the Wild West, actors on the Silver Screen and more, this production debunks some of the myths about dueling and demonstrates the difference between swordsmanship and swashbuckling. With impeccable skill and timing, the actors perform awe-inspiring fight scenes that kept us on the edge of our seats."

With a particular shoutout to Casey Hudecki as La Maupin:

"La Maupin is particularly memorable. . . All eyes were on her as she performed the role of Julie d’Aubigny, a 17th century swordswoman and opera singer with a wild reputation for her romantic dalliances with both men and women. . . The combination of stage combat, dance choreography and modern, edgy music is electrifying."

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