Thursday, January 6, 2011


Doors are closed.

Audience is seated.

House to half.

House out.

Cue sound.

Cue projection.

And . . . 

Cue awesome.


Eleanor said...

Hi! I saw the show Friday night, and enjoyed it a lot. Good acting, good fights. Two small criticisms: I couldn't see or read the projections, too dim and font too weird. I like the woman who played Japanese flute, but I couldn't find her name in the program.

True Edge Productions said...

Eleanor - Thanks so much for coming out to see the show, glad you enjoyed it!

As to your concerns:

- we know exactly what you're talking about with the projections and are totally working on it

- and alas the young woman who played the flute was added to the scene after the program went to print. But her name is Jilane Ma and is currently a theatre student at the Randolph Academy. I'll pass on the compliment!