Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Get To Know Your Fighters - Nate Bitton

For your edification we present to you "Get To Know Your Fighters" where you . . . get to know the fighters . . . from DUEL OF AGES. Because, as we all know, knowledge is power. As is the ability to kick ass.

Nate Bitton
Roles in DUEL OF AGES: Riberac (Le Duel Des Mignons), Basil Rathbone (Egos and Idols)

How long have you been fighting. Uh . . . the fake kind of fighting?
3 1/2 years

What got you interested in Stage Combat?
While doing my undergrad in theatre and drama studies at U of T Mississauga, a couple of guys from the class two years above me told me that they were doing their stage combat training at RapierWit with Dan and that he was looking for new students. Being as I grew up running around my house with a butter-knife and pie plate pretending to be Link from the Legend of Zelda, I figured that maybe stage combat was the right place for me. As it turned out (insert nintendo discover noise here) I loved it!!

Tell us about a memorable fight moment you've had.
During a practice run of a case of rapier fight for my advanced test, my partner and great friend Andy Ingram and I were really pushing each other to nail the speed and movements. We both managed to fall perfectly into sync to the point where speed got so fast we were running on pure instinct. We rocked the choreo then immediately dropped our weapons (softly of course) and jumped around the room celebrating. It was one of those moments that was so exciting for both of us because we were really holding on for dear life and of course trying to slightly best the other!

Favourite weapon (and why):
Case of Rapier - I love the finesse involved in the point control and the speed and pictures that you can create with such long beautiful weapons or Broadsword and Shield - there is something so brawler and close combat about it. The two together really have their own movement and entirely different feeling from a lot of other weapons. Plus it's fun to actually get to smack something with a sword.

Favourite Fight film/play:
Sherlock Holmes, the new one. First of all Robert Downey Jr. for the win! Secondly, it's own way I think the slowed down shots and explanations of exactly what he is about to do is really reminiscent of what we do in stage combat. The good fights are the ones that find weaknesses and openings and take advantage of them like Holmes does in those moments.

Favourite famous fighter:
Ray Park. That guy is ridiculous!!

Role you wish you could have played:
Jack Sparrow. What can I say sometimes drinking rum with too much eyeliner just feels right.

Favourite drink that audience members should buy you after witnessing your awesome in Duel of Ages:
A pint of Alexander Keith's India Pale will never let you down

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