Sunday, January 9, 2011

And the reviews are just pouring in . . . 4 N's from NOW Magazine!

After giving DUEL OF AGES 4 N's in 2007 and letting everyone know that it "kicks major ass in the thrills department", I'm happy to report that NOW Magazine is still very much on the DUEL bandwagon. We got those 4 N's for a second time in a row and they add: "this show [is] an exciting mix of brains and brawn". So yeah. Just saying.... We rock:

DUEL OF AGES review, NOW Magazine


Gary said...

Was awesome. Great fighting performances from everyone. A jagged bit of brass shrapnel from a gunfire blank landed on my arm at one point though-- was sitting about 9 rows back..,! Glad it didn't hit my eye! Awesome show though-- want to see it again!

True Edge Productions said...

Hey Gary,

We are really happy you enjoyed the show and wanting to come back is awesome. We are very sorry that you got hit by the percussion cap from one of the dueling pistols. All we can say is that unfortunately the manufacture of the percussion cap means that they shatter. To cover this uncommon occurrence the pistol is normally canted upstage and during the performance the angle was off and the copper cap did shatter. So it was a perfect storm. Please understand that we take our audience safety extremely seriously and want to let you know that we have taken steps to make sure this will not happen again.